The Haven Spiritual Retreat Center


Just a few years ago, we could not have imagined ourselves opening a personal retreat center in the heart of Orange County. We didn't have such a vision, but we did have the courage to earnestly pray for God to "rock our world" as we sought his will for our lives. He faithfully answered that prayer and, soon thereafter, started us on a path that led us both to graduate school (DeeAnn seeking a degree in Spiritual Direction and Soul Care  while Ron pursued training in Marriage & Family Therapy ) a change of career for Ron, the purchase of a property and the birth of a dream: the preparation of a safe haven, a place where people can relax, open up and hear the voice of their Heavenly Father.

We wonder what God might have in mind for you. Perhaps he has some long needed healing in mind. Maybe he just wants you to slow down and enjoy his presence and feel his love for a day or two. Or, will he also rock your world? 

‚ÄčOver the years, people have come to the Haven with different purposes. It has been such a delight for us to get a glimpse into just what God orchestrated when He invited His people to come to The Haven and spend time with Him.  For some people, they come very much disconnected from Him and may not even knew to seek Him. For others they come exhausted from laboring in ministry and left rested and refreshed.  Others come in search of answers and direction and left certain of their next steps.  Sometimes Ron and I get to help with this transformation utilizing our training, and other times it is just the space we have created here for people to come and rest and open.  It is an amazing privilege!

We wonder what God might have in mind for you. Perhaps He has some  long needed healing in mind. Maybe He just wants you to slow down and enjoy His presence and feel His love for a day or two. Or, will He open up His word and speak in a new way?  Will you just linger in His presence and come alive to life?  We invite you to come to the Haven and discover what He has in mind

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