Ron and DeeAnn Gray

About 10 years ago, we prayed this prayer as a couple to God . . . "Heavenly Father, we are all in, please Rock Our World." Those of you who know God in an intimate way, will not be surprised that before too many months had passed, He begin a journey for us that has stretched and grown our faith, repeatedly demonstrated His faithfulness, grace and generosity and blessed us by allowing us to serve Him and his people in new and powerful ways.

​His first direction was for us to move to a new church setting. We weren't sure where or why - but we just moved forward. We were always in agreement about where and what He seemed to be doing and sometimes that meant that neither one of us was very sure about where we were going. But, he was faithful to shine enough light on the step we were on to feel secure in His shepherding. Eventually, he showed us new roles he would use us in: DeeAnn as a spiritual director and Ron as a Christian marriage and family therapist. We both completed masters programs in our respective fields and begin to leverage our new skills/knowledge for His purposes.

He put a dream on DeeAnn's heart which led us to the property we now call The Haven. After much work, risk, stumbles and victories, we were able to open The Haven spiritual retreat center in Orange, California where we also live. He has brought some many lovely and wonderful people here from so many backgrounds, for so many purposes, and so many blessings!

In August of this year, my sweet and dear DeeAnn passed away from cancer after a 4 year fight. She was anxious to have Jesus come pick her up and escort her to heaven and we were surrounded by stalwart and faithful friends who helped us to always feel cared for in practical ways and who walked hand and hand with us through the valley of death. And, yes, He unmistakably walked with us hand and hand as well. Today, He is helping me (Ron) to recover from this seemingly devastating loss. And, I believe that in the process He is also taking The Haven to a new level of service to his people. I am currently working on expansion plans to begin a private Christian counseling practice on site, to continue the retreat center with more space and amenities, to continue to offer spiritual direction and, hopefully, the addition of equine therapy for individuals, couples and families sometime over the next year.

​I hope you will come and experience what God has for you at The Haven. I assure you that He's waiting patiently to blessed you unimaginably.


About Us

We have been blessed by God throughout our 30 year relationship. And that includes God helping us find a path to acquiring, building, equipping and launching The Haven. The Haven is a small spiritual retreat site in Orange County designed for people who desire a space to get quiet, be still and focus on experiencing God's peace, presence, instruction, and  love.

The Haven Spiritual Retreat Center