The Haven Spiritual Retreat Center

"The space and time provided a way to enter into stillness and silence so that I could settle into sensing the slow, gentle, Spirit of God."

"I felt very comfortable   and at home here. No schedules, agendas or programs. Just me and God creating the day"

Experiential Worship Room

The Prayer Room

Explore the Center

Chose a Bedroom

You can stay in one of two bedrooms in the center - one is upstairs and one is down. Where do you feel most comfortable -  the sunny garden environment of The Sanctuary or the tucked away feel of The Refuge?

Getting Settled

Follow the sign for parking to the right of the property. You'll see a "Welcome" sign on the entry gate. Enter the meditation garden and take in the serenity of the space.

Entering The Haven

Allow yourself to leave the noise of daily life behind you as you meander up this country driveway to the retreat site. Breathe in the scent of the pepper and eucalyptus trees. Relax.

Finding the Property

Due to the secluded location of the property, it can be difficult to find. When you are getting close, look for the tree-lined gravel driveway with a hanging sign at the base. You have found it! But be sure to drive up the gravel driveway.


Lucca - aka The Greeter


Living Room

Meditation Garden