There are various options in this retreat to connect with God through His creation of the horse as you consider different scriptures, stories and pictures.

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Work independently and together as a couple on a variety of exercises designed to increase your knowledge of one another, to better understand your partner, and align your beliefs and values.

It is profitable to go back to the different chapters in your life and consider the life lessons, unfinished business and themes as well as your responses to them
Sit back, reflect on your life choices, connect with God and spend some time considering the current state of your soul.  You will look at what refreshes you, your relationships, your prayers, and your schedule.

The theme verse for this retreat is Ephesians 5:2. " Observe how Christ Loved us.  His love was not cautious but extravagant." In this retreat you consider how Christ loved and how He is moving you to love.

Retreat outlines

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 Reflect back on your year with an ear to life lessons, challenges and God sightings.

​​​​Life Mapping

This is a great document to prepare you to come to The Haven on retreat

The Haven Spiritual Retreat Center